Paypal Integrations

PayPal Checkout


  • PayPal Express is available in all countries
  • PayPal Business account is required

A global leader in payments

PayPal Checkout now adapts to consumer shopping habits by presenting their most relevant payment buttons during checkout. The new Smart Payment ButtonTM features dynamically display PayPal, Venmo, PayPal Credit1, or other local payment options2 in a single stack–without needing to leave the merchant’s website.

The PayPal logo may also reassure buyers who are shopping on the site of an unfamiliar merchant. With more than 237 million active PayPal consumer accounts worldwide, adding PayPal Checkout to your WooCommerce store is sure to be noticed.

A fast, easy payment experience

When customers use PayPal Checkout, they can skip online forms and complete their checkout in just a few taps, helping boost your sales conversion and reduce shopping cart abandonment. Shoppers can start the checkout process on the product page or shopping cart page. PayPal passes customer contact and shipping details to you so buyers can check out without needing to complete forms on your site. Fewer steps at checkout can help improve conversion by up to 87.5%3. It’s a quick and-easy payment solution that can help increase sales.

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