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Web & Cloud Services
AWS & Database Management Services
Corporate Identity
UI Design
Custom Solutions
Redefining businesses by recreating our steps, time and over again
Collect Data
we try to understand your needs
Collecting Appropriate Information for your Business to Boom
Project requirements are an essential guideline to the project, but many people ignore them, favouring the opinion of the project team in terms of what they think the user wants and needs. ‘Without a thorough understanding of what the project is trying to accomplish, and sticking to that understanding, there is no chance of project success. Some project requirements that must be defined are the project start date, scope, boundaries of the work, constraints in resources and people, project environment, deliverables, and budget.
lets Agile!
Breaking up into Stories
We break the project up into stories and estimate each item, either by time, or more commonly by story points (arbitrary numbers, based on comparing complexity, relative to each other) and provide you a rough idea on project duration.

These stories are delivered either continuously, or in short cycles called sprints (Scrum).
Bottom line is to embrace changing requirements, while still getting things done, through early and continuous delivery.
Just Do It
assigning resources and commencing development
Prioritise - Delegate - Innovate - Repeat
Based on the requirements we get a list of priorities, the most important stuff first and accordingly we assign developers to work on them. This is usually ever-evolving. The sprints are based on fixed cycles, generally spanning two weeks in length (or whatever suits your project).
Review and Deployments
splitting up into environments
Development - Staging - Production
Development Server : Here is where the developer tests code and checks whether the application runs successfully with that code. Once the application has been tested and the developer feels that the code is working fine, the application moves on to the staging server.

Staging Server:This environment is made to look exactly like the production server environment. The application is tested on the staging server to check for reliability and to make sure it does not fail on the actual production server. This type of testing on the staging server is the final step before the application could be deployed on a production server. The application needs to be approved in order to deploy it on the production server.

Production Server: Once the approval is done, the application then becomes a part of this server.
replanning with the changing requirements
New Sprint Planning and Backlog Refinement
With the changing requirements along with the data analysed in the past sprints, the backlogs for a new sprint is planned. With every sprint your project takes shapes to provide the best customer experience and hope to scale your business to greater heights.
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our happy clients
Creating websites that make business smoother, faster and responsive is what ioDroplet is known for and I'm glad they delivered it perfectly to suit my requirements!

Amazing graphics, my own blog to update and they incorporated the payment method so smoothly that it has helped me process my orders quickly and efficiently. The delivery time was quick and all my queries were solved with a smile. Thank you, ioDroplet!
Archana Desai
Building a new webshop is never an easy task, you only have an idea and some kind of references, but when the work starts you find so many things you didn't think about. For us, as a client with limited knowledge of coding languages, its even harder. The ioDroplet team was a perfect match for us!

From design sketches to step by step understanding of our needs, finding us the correct solutions, I have never heard from them that "we can't" and as a client, I know I can count on them! I have never had any bad surprises when it comes to delivery time, or over budget pricing. Everything we agree upon, we get it delivered, and when the job is done, the team is available 24/7 for support. The team helped us with our project from A-Z; from the right hosting server to the final product. We never felt that they chose the "easy" way out and they were always ready to customise whatever we need so we can be happy with the result. I don't have any doubt that all our future projects will be done with the ioDroplet team!
Maor Rabino
As a web designer, I always want my design to be executed pixel perfect with great user experience when it goes live. The project management and communication between us works really well and the dedicated project manager does a great job keeping things together. The team understands the requirement and instead of working silently to just complete the given working hours, they inform me all along the way and deliver the best possible result.

ioDroplet is a highly skilled team with an eye for details. I got exactly what I wanted and more. I've already worked on several projects with ioDroplet and I am looking forward to the next collaboration!
Shilpin Patel
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