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Sinsations by Radhika

Sinsations by Radhika was born out of passion. She believes in baking all things sweet. She is Radhika Sheshashayee. Her passion is to create that perfect melt-in-your-mouth dessert you will remember forever. She loves creating amazing experiences and everlasting memories with her delectable cakes. Based out of Singapore, she wanted a website that would showcase her cakes, her recipes, and include tricks for baking. So, we put our heads together to create Sinsations by Radhika.

A blog for Sinsations by Radhika was a wonderful experience. Making a website that highlights all the deliciousness was our priority. She provides important baking tips and tricks for her audience as well. Therefore, we created a page where readers could download all her knowledge. All the flavours, customisations and different types of cakes are highlighted as well.